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cabaret roulette'

birthday bash

november eleventh



Cabaret Roulette is turning three, and, to celebrate another year of mad, marvellous creation, we've invited TEN of our favourite, most Roulette-ian acts (not, might we add, "best," because such a title would be impossible, subjective and not very much fun at all) for a night of cabaret and cake.

And your birthday show performers ARE:

From "Cult" (February) - Tiffany Diamante with "One Moment of Your Time"

From "Secrets" (March) - Marnie Scarlett with "Jabberwocky"

From "Nightmare" (April) - Rubyyy Jones with "Tellinnng"

From "Nostalgia" (May) - Dom Mattos with "The Nostalgia Medley"

From "Power" (June) - Kiki Lovechild with "Total Eclipse of the Heart" AND Joe Morose with "Purple Reign"

From "Bill Murray" (July) - Felicity Furore with "Slimer" AND RedSarah with "Zuul"

From "Corruption" (October) - Michael Twaits with "The Self-Sustaining Ego" AND Lilly SnatchDragon with "To J.K. Rowling, From Cho Chang"

With your host, our resident imp/pig/French philosopher, Anna Lou Larkin, stage managed by the badass glamour of Lou Safire.

Plus cake for everyone, because what's a birthday without cake?! 

Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Wed 11 November 2015
8:00PM - 10:30PM