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season three - round four


may thirteenth


Do you remember the good ole' days, when music was better and kids had to walk 20 miles to school in the snow uphill both ways? That was living, wasn't it?

And the eight artists who have accepted the challenge of creating a brand new act based on the theme "Nostalgia" ARE:

* Fist fighting the other moms for the last Preemie Cabbage Patch Kid, ukele cabaret artist Tricity Vogue!

* Making a mix tape for the boy she likes, hooper Anna the Hulagan!

* Spending warm summer afternoons by the lakeshore with her nan, neo-burlesquer Pearl Grey!

* Feeling truly truly truly outrageous, visual freakout artist BigChief RandomChaos!

* Able to sing the entire Super Mario Brothers theme song (which is now in your head too), character vocalist Dominic Mattos!

* Putting another dime in the jukebox baby, spoken word artist Holli Dillon!

* Transferring all her files from five inch to 3.5 inch floppies, comic burlesquer Ginger Cupcake!

* Wondering whatever happened to her Tamagotchi, clown Miss Good Ness Gracious!

Leading our trip down memory lane, our own Anna Lou Larkin, ably assisted by someone we just don't see the likes of anymore, stage manager Shirley Windmill!

Nostalgia: it's not what it used to be...


Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Wed 13 May 2015
8:00PM - 10:30PM