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season four . round two

dear diary

march ninth

Dear Diary,

So happy today! We got a super duper awesome theme for the March show. I think Monica is pretty. Do you think she likes me? I think I might ask her to the dance. I hope she says yes, Diary!

And the eight artists who have accepted the challenge of creating a brand new act based on the theme "Dear Diary" ARE:

* Planning to lose her virginity on prom night, neo drag artist Baby Lame!

* Hoarding blank diaries because of a deep-seated stationery fetish, neo-burlesquer Coco Deville!

* Scribbling under a sheet with a flashlight, video performance artist Ana Morphic!

* Trying to figure out where to hide the tiny tiny key to the tiny tiny and totally-flimsy lock, performance artist Blanche Dubois!

* Chasing her little brother down the hallway after catching him reading her confessions, fire performer Snake Fervor!

* Meticulously recording everything she saw, ate and did each day, musical cabaret artist Carmen Mon Oxide!

* CS+DB 4VR, bump n' grinder Cece Sinclair!

* Foregoing paper and pen for the dangerous joys of Blogspot, magician and sideshow performer Jasz Vegas!

Loving her sister best this month, compere and resident chanteuse Anna Lou Larkin, with stage manager and sneak peeker Lilly SnatchDragon!

Isn't that gr8, Diary?


Cabaret Roulette


Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Wed 9 March 2016
8:00PM - 10:30PM