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season four . round five


june eighth



When a historical institution is so infamous, so horrific, that its very name becomes a synonym for chaos and pandemonium, you have some mighty artistic fodder indeed.

And the eight artists who have accepted the challenge of creating a brand new act based on the theme “Bedlam” ARE:

* Challenging archaic notions of mental illness as presented by famous historical hospitals, neo drag artist Meth!

* At his first Ibiza all night non-stop open bar foam techno rave, drag kingRusty Von Chrome!

* Just noticing that the word “pandemonium” has the word “demon” in it…. Coincidence?..., vaudevillian Lou Safire!

* Forced to change her project delivery dates after CrossRail blazed through an old graveyard, comedy burlesque Pinkie T’Boo!

* Front row centre at One Direction’s very last concert, chanteuse Kiki DeVille!

* Linguistically fascinated by the ancient typo that turned “Bethlehem” into “Bedlem,” classic mime Pi the Mime!

* On the final level of a discontinued space invaders video game from GT Interactive Software, magician Neil Kelso!

* In disguise as the character foil to King Lear’s own madness, cabaret performer Joe Morose!

And charging everyone a few pennies to ogle at the artists, compere Anna Lou Larkin, with stage manager Lilly SnatchDragon skimming a few off the top for her passport fund.

** Please Note: Cabaret Roulette is committed to the destigmatisation of mental illness through both our annual Chien Noir fundraisers and our regular programming. Although this show may address issues relating to mental health (ideas are still in the early stages!), we guarantee the respect and care owed to such a potentially-delicate theme.**


Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Wed 8 June 2016
8:00PM - 10:30PM